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Lilith Shane's Business Profile 


Name: Lilith Shane

Blog: My Blog



Specialization Areas


System Programming

High Level Languages (RPG, COBOL, Visual Basic)

Low Level Languages (Assembler) 

Object Oriented Programming (C, C++, Java) 

Visual Event-Driven Programming in Microsoft Windows and MS Office 

Operating Systems (SYSTEM/36, AS/36, AS/400, DOS/VSE, VM/CMS, VM/SP, MVS, XENIX, Apache, UNIX, MS/DOS, WINDOWS 3.1,thru Windows 7, and CICS)


Distributed Application Development and Web Design

Server-Side Scripting ( ASP, PHP, Coldfusion, HTML, XHTML, XML, IIS, My/SQL, CSS)

Framework-Based Architectures (Springsource)

Client-Side Scripting (JavaScript, VBScript, Python)

Web Visual Design 

Current Web and Graphics Tools (Macromedia Studio, Microsoft office, Adobe creative suite)


Proficient in Spanish and English




Received Computer Training from IBM.  Attended many classes on System Architecture, Operating Systems, programming languages, system maintenance, etc.  Specialized in DOS/VSE, CICS, and VM. Received AS/400 Computer Training from DMC.   Pursued many college courses in computers, including ASSEMBLER, COBOL, DATABASES, BASIC, etc.  Took online courses in C, C++, Visual C++, JAVA,Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, RPGIII and RPG/400, Oracle, Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia Studio.


BFA. Degree (Visual Communications):  AIU. Hoffman Estates, Illinois. 2004.

Master Degree (Graphic Design): Eastern Michigan University. Ypsilanti, Michigan. 2009.